About Kitsy Co

Welcome to Kitsy Co! I'm Kendra, and Kitsy Co is my Austin, Texas based boutique creative consulting, art and design shop for both businesses and individuals. And by "boutique," I mean it's just me out here helping folks be a little bit more creative. I started Kitsy Co as an Etsy shop selling digital designs, art and invitations, but I've since expanded to encompass a range of branding, marketing, and creative services. My background is part artist, part professional marketer and part project manager, so think business with professional, creative results.

Let Kitsy Co help find the creative in you!

Kendra Germenis_Owner of Kitsy Co

Products and Services

Kitsy Co brings all things creative to life - art, design, you name it. If you can think it, it can happen. Kitsy Co focuses in seven main areas that fall under the creative services and marketing umbrella: design, art, branding, website/digital, content, consulting and ad-hoc project work. For businesses, view more about Kitsy Co services. For individuals, check out the Kitsy Co Etsy shop.


My working style is "creative within the box" - ideas that are fun, modern, clean and fresh but not too far outside of your comfort zone. For art and design specifically, think conservatively eclectic. Modern and contemporary meet traditional and rustic. Bold. Imaginative. And dare I say, cute! I like to mix styles, blend old with new, and embrace culture, personality and character.

Creativity Meets Professionalism

Yup, both artsy and A-type. Think 50/50 right brain, left brain split, which means you get the creative result of an independent artist right along with the communication and efficiency of a corporate partner.

What Folks Say

Cute. Great product. Great Design. Accommodating. Quick response and turnaround. Easy process. Easy to work with. Fun. Affordable. Informative... I didn’t make this stuff up! Just check out Kitsy Co's 300+ 5-star reviews on Etsy.

Personal Background

Ennis, Texas-born, Czech-bred, country-raised gal who graduated from The University of Texas (hook ‘em!) and now work and live in my favorite city in the world, Austin. I have a marketing and art background (winning coloring contests since 1993), work full-time as a special projects manager (with more than seven years of accounting firm marketing and operations experience), serve as a contributing writer for Austin Moms Blog, and love to do anything from branding to house remodeling. You can call me a creative mutt, kind of the heart and soul of my style.