The look and feel of a brand is essential to long-term market success. The more promotional and marketing assets coordinate, the more a consumer can quickly identify who you are and what you have to offer. Consistent branding components include, but are not limited to, logo, display material, packaging, online presence, website, social media, collateral, office design, general design style, voice, brand guidelines, advertising and font usage. 


Whether promoted online or printed for handout, collateral remains an essential way for businesses to convey specific information about their services and/or products. Personal experience includes collateral design ranging from brochures to presentations to one-page handouts. For D-BAT Mt. Pleasant, Kitsy Co provides PDF creation, recreation and editing services. Contact Kitsy Co for more corporate collateral examples.


This promotional series was for a hometown family benefit. The campaign involved social media promotion, managing a benefit and donations page, physical donation and attendance promotion (via flyers) to businesses and individuals in town, and day-of on-site promotion and thanks. The overall promotion helped drive high attendance numbers and both auction and monetary donations, ultimately exceeding the fundraising goal of $50,000. Design, branding and a 360 marketing focus can help drive your campaigns too.


Considering the popularity of social media, it's practically a must-have in marketing strategies these days, but managing it can be daunting. If you’re a business trying to keep up with the nonstop nature of social media, consider adding custom design posts to your content calendar. It’s an easy way to fill content gaps for those times when you just don’t have the… well, time. And while you're at it, if you don't already have an ongoing content calendar or management plan, Kitsy Co can help with that too.

ad-hoc Projects

Businesses sometimes need design help for ad-hoc projects that land all across the spectrum. Yes, there are all kinds of individuals and companies capable of helping, but if you want quality, guaranteed creative designs tailored to your brand, or even creative marketing assistance beyond design, let Kitsy Co team with you. Corporate marketing experience + a creative background = win, win.