clip art and graphics

Thanks to an art background, I am able to hand-draw graphics both on paper and on screen and use them as vector art in digital design. If able, I prefer to draw and use my own graphics vs. stock clip art. Majority of the time, the graphics you see (and there are lots!) were created from scratch. This adds unique value to Kitsy Co designs.

art prints

8x10 art prints are an easy way to add creativity to a space or party. They can be as permanent (nice print, framed) or as disposable (printed on copy paper for a one-time use) as you'd like. Kitsy Co art print sets are sold in instant download, print-yourself format on Etsy.

patterns and backgrounds

Bold yet simple patterns and backgrounds are a staple in classic Kitsy Co design. With the exception of image-based backgrounds and a couple of animal prints, I generally make my own patterns and backgrounds using Adobe Illustrator and incorporate them into designs. Using pattern variations are especially great when it comes to branding. Below is a sampling.