Kitsy Co Services

Kitsy Co specializes in project-based creative consulting, marketing and visual branding services - think art, design, your overall look and feel. This is particularly fitting for new and growing businesses looking to build a simple marketing foundation. My passion lies in helping develop business concepts, brands and kick-off marketing strategies, and my ultimate goal is to deliver you results that you can then run with. I have long tenure in accounting firm marketing, so I have a sweet spot doing creative work for more traditional industries. Creativity can (and should) be applied to any industry and market. It’s an easy way to differentiate yourself.

Kitsy Co Custom Wood Art_Eclectic Baby Room


Physical art doesn’t tend to be lumped in with branding, design and digital services, but if you have a physical presence, don't overlook the impact of custom art. It can tell a story - tell your story - and it’s a simple way for businesses to extend their brand in a visual way. Custom artwork is produced on an ad-hoc basis and includes art prints, oil and acrylic painting, wall murals, works of wood, and custom projects. If you can think it, let’s bring it to life.

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Branding is more or less a compilation of efforts that tie together your marketing and public-facing efforts so they’re cohesive and connect to your business. Some marketing companies focus their branding services on brand identity, strategy and messaging. Kitsy Co focuses more on visual branding - all the visual components that make up your look and feel. That may be through collateral design, your physical space or even your website. I approach branding from a package of services perspective.

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What isn’t content these days? Brochures - content. Blog - content. Social media - content. Website - content. And content isn’t just writing; it’s how you execute and promote it… through your website, blog, social media, newsletter, targeted emails and more. Kitsy Co can help you set up any of the above - from content calendars and strategy to site launches and packaged content for scheduling - as well as execute non-technical (expository) writing. That includes copywriting tied to brand messaging and visioning.

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Graphic design is where my artist background and marketing experience meet in the middle - collateral design, brochures, one-pagers, business cards, printable invitations and party favors, logos, business maps, presentations. Other services include spatial design (visual branding), brand standards guide development and custom graphics. I hand-draw a lot of my graphics, use bold patterns and pops of color, as well as mix in simplicity and white space. I’m not talking fancy, elaborate design, just something clean, simple, appealing and maybe even fun. 

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Marketing and Creative Consulting

Consulting can also seem like a vague service offering, but sometimes you just need someone to listen and talk you through what you want to do. Ideas and concepting are another sweet spot for me. If you want to chat for a couple of hours and need a strategic marketing plan built out for you to execute yourself, let’s talk. If you want to reinvent your space so it’s visually branded but you’d prefer to DIY the actual work, I can give you a guide to follow. I love helping others and want you to get the best bang for your buck.

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Website and Digital

I help establish a digital presence for your business so that people can (a) find you when searching online and (b) get a great first impression when they eventually do. That may mean a new website build, a website design refresh, light copywriting, social media page development and launch, blog or social content strategy, consulting on any of the above, and more. All of my websites are designed through Squarespace using simple, customized templates that YOU will easily be able to edit or manage once launched. This is great for new and small businesses.

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Ad-hoc Project Work

You may need help with something not listed above, and I might be able to help you. For example, I was once asked if I could make a mobile dressing room for a boutique who was showing at a local holiday fair. Yes! I then helped another client completely revamp their job descriptions, including the base template, to inspire candidates to apply. It’s not always easy to find exactly the service you’re looking for online. If that’s you, and you’re looking for a service in the creative or marketing realm, give me a shout to see.